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Spank Thru lyrics


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     Spank Thru
    >> Nirvana
        This song is for the lovers out there
    And the little light in the trees
    And all the flowers have gingivitis
    And the birds fly happily
    We're together once again, my love
    I need you back oh baby, baby
    I can't explain just why
    We lost it from the start
    Living without you girl,
    You only break my heart
    I can feel it
    I can hold it
    I can bend it, shape it, and mold it
    (I, He) can cut it
    (I, He) can taste it
    Spank it, beat it till you...
    Wait here now
    I been looking for days now
    Always hearing the same old...
    City boy won't you spank thru?
    I can make it do things you won't think you ever could
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